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The Six Sides of SixSide

The best way to ensure your own success is to bring success to your customers.

The SixSide Mantra

We believe that success is contagious. As we bring success to our clients, we will also grow from that success.

1. Logical
We build solutions that "just make sense". It is essential that a user interface is just that -- usable! Through an intelligent design and a logical workflow, we are able to build a friendly interface that all types of people, of all different skill levels, can quickly learn how to interact with and feel comfortable doing so. A logical web application is an efficient application, and efficiency translates to money saved.
2. Creative
We are outside-the-box thinkers. We are constantly coming up with clever new ways to design websites and graphical interfaces that are both thought provoking and engaging for the people who use them. With each new project we take an artistic and inventive look at how to problem-solve, and deliver a friendly solution that is pleasing to the eye as well as easy to use.
3. Organized
We take extra time at the beginning of each project to gather all the current information, and then analyze what future information may come into play. From there we arrange the data into the most logical and organized groupings. When the budget permits we will assemble a focus group to see how others feel about the information architecture and adjust accordingly. The goal is always to enable the people who use the interface to access the information they are looking for in as few mouse clicks as possible. The result: a better user experience.
4. Usable
We pride ourselves in building web-based interfaces that anyone can use, with little to no training. Our applications "just make sense"; no matter if you are a novice user or an advanced user, we develop so that once you learn how to use one screen, you've learned how to use them all. This cuts down on any required training time drastically, enabling everyone to be up to speed.
5. Efficient
We develop all of our web applications to meet web standards. This insures that pages load fast on any platform, with any Internet connection, and guarantees that all web interfaces will comply with W3C HTML & CSS standards. All back-end database programming is optimized for the best performance, and at the same time maintains the highest level of security.
6. Innovative
Just as our tag line says, "First we built the box... Then we thought outside of it!" We develop innovative solutions that are outside of the box in structure, design, and technology. We are constantly researching and testing the latest web-based technologies to stay one step ahead and assure that we bring our customers the best solution. We are also careful that the technologies we use are not just the next fad before investing our resources in development. We want to insure that the technology we use today will be around for years to come, and provide for a smooth migration to the technologies of tommorrow.